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Students Satisfaction Survey (SSS)

Student Satisfaction Survey

Nabagram Hiralal Paul College is committed toward the all-round development of the students. The college conducts a good number of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities for the holistic development of students. The college organizes study tours, sports events, debate, elocution, seminars, and many learner oriented activities to bring excel from the learners. The infrastructure and human-resources are continuously upgraded to create student centric ambience for their proficient development. The college considers the inputs from its stakeholders especially from students very important to bring relevant and fruitful changes in the college. Their feedback considerably showcases the actual quality of teaching-learning process enabling identification of the strengths of teaching as well as the possible improvements.

Student Satisfaction Survey (SSS) that results from evaluation of students’ experience with the facilities and support they received in the college is very important. It is a valid and reliable tool to understand the key areas for future developments. Thus, it allows understanding the resources for areas that require greater attentions. Thus, it is a direct and useful indicator of the effectiveness of teaching-learning in the institution. The college encourages the students to take active participation in SSS.


NAAC SSS Questionnaire