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Minority Cell

Minority Cell

About the cell

Minority Cell, Nabagram Hiralal Paul College was established with the purpose of empowering the students of minority communities including Christians, Jains, Muslims, Parsis, and Buddhists. The Cell has been very keen to provide services to the educational and cultural needs of the minority student community.



  1. To enhance equal opportunities and platforms for the education of minorities. 
  2. To facilitate academic, social & professional development of minority students and staff in the college to achieve holistic development. 
  3. To make the minority students aware about the various financial support provided by government agencies and other sources.
  4. To encourage them to enroll for skill development courses, workshops, programs to equip them with skills needed for their career.
  5. To provide the minority students with a grievance redressal mechanism, and provide prompt counseling for any emotional emergencies.
  6. The Minority Cell comprises of a Convener & members from the teaching staff who are duly nominated every academic year. The Cell coordinates with other College Cells such as the Placement Cell, to ensure that students from minority communities participate in their activities. The Cell also creates awareness among minority students regarding–constitutional provision of special rights to minority communities; and various Government scholarship schemes so that students can benefit by availing those facilities.


Minority-Cell Committee 2022-23

Dr. Srikanta Samanta (Principal/Chairperson) Sk Sahadat Hossain (Convenor)
Dr. Juthika Barma Sri Joseph Hansda


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