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Teachers' Council


              The Teachers’ Council of Nabagram Hiralal Paul College is a collective organization that represents the interests of teachers in regard to their service conditions and professional lives. Additionally, the Teachers’ Council addresses issues specific to the college in regular general body meetings and maintains open communication channels between the administration and teachers. In order to enhance the corporate life of the institution, the Teachers’ Counsel organizes cultural programs, staff lunch, annual staff picnics, and also felicitates teachers at their farewell. The Secretary of the Counsel meets regularly with council members to discuss relevant issues.

The constitution of  council as per The Calcutta University First Regulations, 1979, Chapter III, Regulation 16, 17 and 18

  • All teachers, including the Principal, of the college shall be eligible to become members of the council
  •  In every Teachers’ Council the Principal shall be the chairman.
  • In every Teachers’ Council there shall be a Secretary who shall be a teacher of the college concerned and shall be elected in accordance with the provisions hereinafter contained.
  • The term of the Secretary of the Teachers’ Council elected, shall be one year from the date of his election.
  • Meeting of a Teachers’ Council shall be convened by the Secretary or, in his absence, by the Chairman after giving at least three days’ notice thereof to the members.
  • The functions and duties of every Teachers’ Council shall be to advise the Principal on all academic matters including students’ welfare, time table, conduct of examination, improvement of Library, laboratories and teaching facilities.
  •  The Principal shall ensure that at least six meetings of the Teachers’ Council are held in an academic year.
  • If the Chairman fails to agree with majority decision regarding any matter, there is no provision for reconsideration of any decision or referring any matter by the Principal to the University for final decision. All the matters have to be decided at the meeting of the Teachers’ Council itself.