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Procedures & Policies

Procedures and Policies

Procedures and Policies followed for Maintaining and Utilizing Infrastructure

The procedures and policies followed for maintaining and utilizing infrastructure are aligned towards development of students who are morally upright, intellectually well-informed, and socially concerned while ensuring maintenance of high academic standards and facilitating a wide array of extra-curricular activities.

Each year, in the Teachers’ council meeting before the beginning of academic session, formation of different sub-committees are recommended with a convener and few members. These include library sub-committee, Canteen sub-committee, building sub-committee etc. These sub-committee members along with a fleet of nonteaching staff ensure proper maintenance and utilization and augmentation of physical, academic and support facilities in the college.


Maintenance of physical infrastructure

The overall maintenance of the college campus is done under the supervision of and by a consultant engineer, and care taker is employed by the college.

Different sub-committees of the college continuously monitor and work to give a beautiful environment to the campus with the help of gardeners and care takers.

  • Day to day maintenance of classrooms, laboratories is ensured by the support staff. However, in major cases like maintenance of campus, the responsibility is outsourced from external agencies.
  • The primary objective of the library advisory committee is to protect the interests of undergraduate and post-graduate students, as well as teaching and non-teaching staff, by catering to their educational, learning, and research requirements. Our team consists of a knowledgeable and experienced librarian who comprehends the needs of library users. Additionally, our library personnel are skilled individuals who receive regular training on contemporary technologies. We continuously expand our library services by frequently adding new books, journals, and magazines to our collection. The procurement of library materials is carried out in collaboration with staff members, ensuring consultation and oversight by the library advisory committee, and sourced from reputable publishers. As part of our maintenance practices, external agencies conduct annual fumigation and pest control activities.
  • Each laboratory has been assigned with lab attendants who are well versed with lab equipment working and maintenance. The equipments used in the laboratories are properly maintained and cared for. Proper stock of the chemicals and materials is maintained on regular basis.
  • IT facilities in the college are maintained by the service providers through Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC).
  •  Equipments like Generator, Water purifier, cooler, pump are also taken care of either by AMC or as and when required.


A simplified and transparent procedure is followed in the utilizing the available facilities in the college. Students write an application for utilizing a facility which is forwarded by the respective convener or teacher in charge and then approved by the principal based on availability of the facility on a particular date (checked by the respective caretaker who maintains the record for the same).