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Women Development Cell

Women being the weaker section of society need to be specially nurtured so that they can be encouraged to utilise their full potential. Keeping this objective in mind, the Women Development Cell of Nabagram Hiralal Pal College has been established according to the UGC guidelines, Sec 3.2 (15). This cell is constituted of the Faculty members, Non-Teaching members and the students of the College. The cell functions as a body that raises the issues of women empowerment, various gender related problems, plight of women in society and the possible remedies alongside intolerance of any misuse of power against the female gender.

Through various initiatives the students are sensitised to the issues of women empowerment and safety, gender discrimination, workplace harassment and modes of action to be taken.


  1. To create awareness among the students and all stakeholders of the college about various problems those are encountered by women in their daily lives.
  2. Encouraging the girl students to gain self-confidence and strength of mind through talks and seminars.
  3. Imparting information to students so that they can know whom to approach in case of certain problems in life.
  4. Informing the girl students about the various welfare schemes and scholarships offered by the central and state governments.
  5. To organise programs that sensitise the students to the problems faced by women in various strata of society.
  6. Guide and encourage the girl students to utilise their full potential.


Spreading awareness among young minds so that they can be conscious about various gender related problems and are able to address them confidently.



  1. To install self confidence among girl students and prepare them for their future.
  2. Making the students aware of their rights and initiate them into ways to uphold these rights.
  3. Initiating the students to the concept of gender equality.
  4. Spreading awareness about mental, physical and sexual violence and the ways to seek redressal.
  5. Sensitization of male students about the ways of proper behaviour and gender equality.


Women Development Cell 2022-23
Dr. Srikanta Samanta (Principal/Chairperson) Dr. Soma Roy Chaudhury (Presiding Officer)
 Dr. Suparna Chatterjee (IQAC Co-Ordinator) Dr. Kakali Chakrabarty
Dr. Piyali Ghosh Smt. Anita Biswas (NTS)
Smt. Nabanita Pal (NTS) Student Representatives


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Activities from July 2018 –June 2019
  • Date: 19.09.2018

A book reading session was organised by the department of English of Nabagram Hiralal Paul College along with the Women Development Cell to familiarise the students with several literary instances of women rising up and reclaiming their lives after failure.

  • Date:  27.03.2019

A short seminar session by the students was arranged what the students spoke for 10 minutes on certain gender related issues. Students of many departments participated in this presentation.


Activities from July 2019 – June 2020
  • Date: 08.11.2019

A wall-magazine was created by the students on different topics of women development. The students wholeheartedly contributed to this magazine and it was walled up in presence of the principal Dr. Srikanta Samanta.

  • Date: 17.01. 2020

A workshop was organised on essay writing in which students from all departments participated. The topics are related to issues concerning women and this workshop contributed to the improvement of the writing skills of students.


Activities from July 2020 – June 2021

Date: 10.02.2021

An online lecture was organised by the Department of Philosophy, Nabagram Hiralal Pal College, in collaboration with the Women Development Cell, to spread awareness about various ethical topics.

  • Date: 19.05.2021

An online lecture was delivered by Smt. Anita Biswas, non teaching member of NHLPC, also a panchayat member, about various COVID related relief work carried out by the Nabagram Panchayat.


Activities from July 2021– June 2022
  • Date : 18.09.2021

An Online session was arranged in collaboration with the Department of Political Science where the several constitutional rights guaranteed to women were discussed with the students.

  • Date: 12.04.2022

A local awareness drive was organised in association with the NSS unit of the College in the nearby slum areas regarding precautions to be taken against airborne diseases.


Activities from July 2022 – June 2023
  • Date: 08.03.2023

Celebration of International Women's Day 8th March 2023

  A gender sensitization programme was held on 8th March, 2023 to make the students aware of the various issues concerning women. Dr. Kakali Chakraborty, Associate Professor, Department of Bengali,  gave a speech on various relevant issues. The students showed their interest through interactive participation and the programme was quite successful.

  • Date: 08.05.2023

A one-day State Level Webinar was organised by the Women Development Cell, Nabagram Hiralal Pal College in collaboration with IQAC, NHLPC on 8th may 2023 on the topic ‘Workplace problems addressing gender harassment’.


Topic of the Webinar Workplace Problems : Addressing Gender Harassment
Name of the Organizing Department Women Development Cell in collaboration with IQAC
Date of the Webinar 08.05.2023
Status of the Seminar (Regional/State/National/ International level) State Level
Name of the Speaker/s & affiliation Dr. Chandramalli Sengupta, AssociateProfessor, Post Graduate Department of Bengali, Ashutosh College
Sponsoring agency Nabagram Hiralal Paul College
Subject area of the Seminar Gender Issues
Synopsis of the speech delivered by the Resource person Dr. Chandramalli Sengupta gave a brilliant presentation on the problem of workplace harassment. She discussed several behaviours by co-workers that were apparently socially accepted but was actually an infringement on individual space. She not only pointed out the issues of the harassment of women but also talked about the ways through which these problems could be addressed. The topic was well discussed and the students as well as the participating faculty were immensely enriched by this lecture as was evident through their enthusiastic participation.
Number of Participants One Hundred Twenty Three (123)
Students learning outcome from the Seminar *Presentation Skills *Discussion Skills *Listening Skills
*Argumentative Skills and Critical Thinking *Questioning
* General awareness *Awareness about Rights and redressal

Flyer of the Webinar


Action Plan 2023-24

Speaker sessions: To spread awareness amongst the wider student community, we aim to invite experts on gender studies and conduct speaker sessions and seminars in the college. Alongside our wider aim of gender sensitization, we plan to foreground the rights of gender minorities. This would include the following:

Mental Health Forum, inviting a mental health specialist who can give an informative talk, as well as answer questions from the attendees. Inviting scholars to have a panel discussion on exploring intersectionality while dealing with social issues, such as menstrual health, addressing issues related to gender and sexuality in rural areas, educational institutions and workspaces

In-house Discussions: A theme-based discussion on topics related to gender and sexuality to be organized monthly, to improve team communication and encourage dialogue. This will also provide space for open conversation and mutual understanding among the members of the society.

Gender Sensitization Sessions: Sessions fully devoted to sensitizing the general public on sexual health and hygiene, understanding and breaking stereotypes through interactive seminars.

Orientation Briefing: Once freshers are admitted into our cell, we will conduct an orientation session to explain the broad mandate and ideological position of the society. The Orientation session shall be conducted by the current members of the Cell or by invited experts in the field.

Movie screenings: Sessions where we screen films (short films and documentaries around the themes of gender issues), followed by constructive moderated discussions on the same.

Online Campaigns: Informative posts to spread awareness on commemorative days, information about legal rights, news, and themed weekly campaigns. For instance, we will conduct online awareness campaigns for Asexual Week, Transgender Awareness Week, International Men’s Day, and a week-long campaign titled “Know Your Rights”.


Action Plan for the Academic year 2022-23

Women Development Society has organized Workshops and Talks in the academic year 2023-24 under following heads

? Employment ? Internship Programme ? Workshops on Women Safety ? Workshop on cyber security ? Self Defence Workshop by Kolkata Police and other Organization ? Gender sensitization ? Legal Awareness Workshop ? Women Rights ? Women Property Rights ?  Nutrition ? Psychology ? Yoga session