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Department of Sociology


In Nabagram Hiralal Paul College Sociology Department was established in 2019 (only pass course) which stated to introduce Students to a Sociological way of thinking, providing an understanding of the discipline and Sociological Perspective. Here Students are offered UG course. The examination system programme is semester based and syllabus system is CBCS and CCF.


The mission of the Department of Sociology at Nabagram Hiralal Paul College is committed to fostering a deep understanding of social structures, promoting critical thinking, and inspiring positive societal change through research and education. Our mission is to analyse and address complex social issues while cultivating a diverse and inclusive academic community.


Our vision is to create a compassionate and dynamic academic community where we explore, analyse and understand the intricate tapestry of human societies, fostering critical thinking and empathy to inspire positive societal change. 

Year of Establishment:

Course Year of Establishment
Sociology General 2019
Sociology Honours NA




  1. Sociology department has a committed and diligent teacher having a keen interest in teaching as well as research activities.
  2. Two-way communication between faculty and students.
  3. Modern ICT equipped classrooms


  1. Most of the students belong to economically backward families. They are engaged in one or other financial activity apart from study. Some of them work in photocopy centers, catering service, etc., to earn a livelihood. This often results in a lack of motivation among them.
  2. Paucity of appropriate employment causes them to be disinterested in studies.


  1. Difficult in some cases to complete the syllabus under CBCS and CCF system.
  2. Insufficiency in the number of faculty poses a problem to complete the course and other administrative works to be done.


  1. Motivate students for thorough study and research

The SWOC analysis helps identify areas for improvement and growth.