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Sports Facilities


The Nabagram Hiralal Paul College football team has been a salient contributor to the Sports fame of the College. The team has a well-maintained football field with goalposts. All the essential equipment including football, markers, etc. are made available by the college regularly. Having brimming support and motivation from the College, the team has exclusive access to the field in the morning hours for regular and efficient practice and training. The authorities regularly update and provide professional kits to all the members. The team has regularly been taking part in various competitions and tournaments held in the University level and has always strived hard to achieve their best goals.



Nabagram Hiralal Paul College has world class gymnasium facilities on campus. It has all the modern and requisite facilities for students to take part in the process of maintaining and developing their physique and health. It has facilities for cardio exercises as well as strength and core exercises. It has all the equipment for weightlifting exercises with free weights of different classes. The Campus also provides the facilities of changing area. The College's Sports department has a trained specialist to guide and train the students for their best development and nutritional needs.

Yoga room

A very important aspect of fitness is strength, flexibility, and balance, and Nabagram Hiralal Paul College understands that there is no better way, other than yoga, to develop all of these. The Yoga Room of the college provides a well oxygenated place with a perfectly well-lit environment without any disturbances like sound, becoming a peaceful haven for the practitioners. The department encourages all the students, teaching and non-teaching staff at college to learn and perform yoga to rejuvenate them. The departmental society regularly conducts yoga and meditation sessions for all students and staff members. Every year yoga week is celebrated on the eve of International yoga day to inculcate yoga in the daily lives of every member of Nabagram Hiralal Paul College.