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Department of History



From the very beginning of the institution, the subject of History was introduced as General course in 1957 and the University of Calcutta extended the affiliation to the Honours Course in 1970. Since then, the Department has been imparting the education to the students in both Honours and General courses. It undertakes teaching extensively as well as inculcates among the students the values of historical sites, Museums, Archives etc. The Department organizes activities like Seminars, Webinars, Guest lectures, Wall Magazine, Student Seminars, Student Debates and Study tours at various historical sites.


Mission & Vision of the department



  • To develop a proper and objective understanding of the past in order to inculcate true social values among the present generation of students.
  • The Department endeavours to impart socio-cultural and economic values while trying to delve into the past, learning lessons from the same and putting forward a road map for the future development of the country.


  • To foster in students an interest of the past and to develop an understanding that enables them to enjoy all that history has to offer;
  • To enable the students to perceive the concepts like time, place and society;
  • To develop a sense of chronology; ? To develop the critical outlook towards History;
  • To make aware of the emerging trends in History;
  • To enable students to know about significant events in Indian History and to appreciate how things have changed over time;
  • To have some knowledge and understanding of historical development in the wider world;
  • To help students understand society and their place within it, so that they develop a sense of their cultural heritage;
  • To develop in students the skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis, evaluation and presentation;
  • To make responsible human beings who can render selfless service to the society and for nation integrity.

Year of establishment:

The  University  of  Calcutta  extended  its  affiliation  to  the  Honours  course  in  the Department of Bengali in the year of 1957.

Course Year of Establishment
General 1957
Honours 1970



SWOC Analysis


  1. Strength:
  • The presence of very sincere, diligent and knowledgeable faculty.
  • The presence of a seminar library which has a reasonably compact collection of books.
  • The ease with which technology was used during the covid pandemic lockdown by both students and faculty.
  1. Weaknesses:
  • The reluctance of students to choose English as the medium of study over the vernacular.
  • The lack of good reference books written in the vernacular. This holds good particularly for books related to European and World History.
  • Since sizable sections of the students come from weak socio-economic backgrounds in contemporary terms, it becomes difficult for them to cope up with the syllabus particularly the portion of World History.

       C. Opportunities:

  • The changed syllabus of the CBCS curriculum with emphasis on skill development has opened employment opportunities for the students.
  • Greater use of technology in academic activities entailing internet surfing in the library for e-books and e-journals.
  • Mentoring from the part of teachers for confidence –building among students coming from depressed classes.
  1. Challenges:
  • Lack of confidence in group discussions especially in English.
  • The problem of completing the syllabi within the stipulated time in the CBCS system.
  • Lack of innovative thinking among the students of the General Courses.


Intake Capacity
Academic Session Course Intake Registered Students
2018-19 History Honours 83 29
2019-20 History Honours 83 45
2020-21 History Honours 83 25
2021-22 History Honours 83 36
2022-23 History Honours 83 51
2022-23 History Honours 83 27