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Nabagram Hiralal Paul College comprises a science courses also. All the laboratories are well equipped with latest equipment and apparatus to facilitate students with the opportunity to undertake experiments with great precision and high accuracy.

Every department has excellent laboratory infrastructural facilities and students are trained in the laboratories to enhance their practical skills and knowledge. New and updated equipments are regularly incorporated in labs with the latest technology which gives the students an added advantage.

The laboratory facilities are centralized and the specific set of experiments are catered by the concerned Departments. The specifications of laboratories are as follows


Chemistry Laboratories

The Department of Chemistry at Nabagram Hiralal Paul College has a well-equipped, spacious laboratory for conducting practical classes, which are managed by well-experienced and capable staff, to meet the need and to cultivate students' enthusiasm in science. The lab is created to be fire resistant and has facilities of fire extinguishers along with first aid kits in order to handle any kind of mishap. With new innovations and different facilities like Filtration Room, Balance Room, Fuming Cupboard, Preparation Room, Instrument Room, and others, the Laboratory has been modernized and properly supplied with equipment and glassware to make studying more fascinating and pleasant. Furthermore, the laboratory is equipped with all of the required infrastructure and equipment to conduct practicals in accordance with the standards outlined in the many multidisciplinary course syllabuses. A separate instrument room has been set aside for various instrumental chemistry practical in addition to the laboratory.

The Chemistry labs cater to the needs of students studying Chemistry and Physics, Mathematics both major and minor multidisciplinary (MDC) and interdisciplinary (IDC).


Physics Laboratories

The College understands the need for a state-of-the-art laboratory for physics with updated and calibrated equipment for inquisitive students who are willing to create new collective knowledge and foster the next generation of scientific leaders. The physics labs are well equipped with apparatus such as to help students take part in various experiments related to the subject.

It has measuring equipments such as slide calipers, screwguages,travelling microscopes, magnetic equipment like bar magnets, iron fillings for magnetism, optical instruments such as spectrometers, telescopes, microscopes, lenses, mirrors, prisms, gretting along with electrical equipment such as rheostats, resistance boxes, slide wires etc. to facilitate the students as well.

The Physics labs cater to students of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics both major and minor multidisciplinary (MDC) and interdisciplinary (IDC).


Computer Laboratories

They are equipped with the latest software and workstations. It is connected to high speed, broadband internet facilitates for all the students. Robust servers are connected through a structured network to handle the load. The College has three well-equipped and well-managed Computer Laboratories. These are fully air-conditioned and are equipped with the latest technology as per the need of the present era.

The Labs are of world class and have the latest computers with up-to-date operating systems and equipment. It has state-of-the-art machines from HP, Samsung etc. and LCD Projectors along with an interactive board along with all the necessary peripherals. The labs have high quality monitors, keyboards, printers, etc.

Our dedicated faculty and staff are proud of their impressive credentials which are comparable to those of the best career instructors in nationally accredited schools and colleges across the nation.

These labs cater to students of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Commerce, Economics in both major and minor multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary courses (MDC & IDC).