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Department of Political Science



The department of Political Science started its humble journey when the college was inaugurated in 1957 by the then CM Dr. B.C Roy. Funded by an education loving businessman Sri Hiralal Paul (he also founded a girl’s high school by same name in the location) the college was established for imparting quality education to the students of migrated population who came from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). The Department of political science started its journey with few students and two teachers and was affiliated to University of Calcutta. Gradually As the number of students increased the demand for introduction of Honours courses was taken up by college authority. In 2000 in Honours course was established in the subject of political science. From the beginning Honours student’s result was very satisfactory (almost 100%) It could be established if we go through the result sheet published by University of Calcutta and college records.


Mission & Vision of the department



The political science department of Nabagram Hiralal Paul College, Hooghly, was established in 1957 with the foundation of the college itself to impart higher education to the pupils. The Honours course was introduced in 2000. Since then, the department is working tirelessly to enrich the horizons of the student’s knowledge and understanding. Faculty members informative lecture along with steady supply of study materials helped the department to maintain a consistent record of academic success over the years.


Apart from class lectures students are motivated round the year through intra and inter class debate, discussion on current affairs, extempore, tutorial classes etc. Departmental Teachers organize educational excursion/study tour every year so that students grasp Socio-political reality which is essential in our subject. Students in the department are motivated to pursue higher education to enhance their knowledge and to compete in various national and state level administrative service examinations.

Year of establishment:

The  University  of  Calcutta  extended  its  affiliation  to  the  Honours  course  in  the Department of Bengali in the year of 1957.

Course Year of Establishment
General 1957
Honours 2000



SWOC Analysis


  1. Strength:
    1. Department has five teachers, barring one, all are young and energetic. This is the biggest strength of the Department.
    1. The Departmental unit is cohesive- a young head with full of positive ideas working with advice of the senior most teacher and with full-cooperation of the fellow colleagues.
    1. The environment of the department is democratic and congenial; all decisions are taken unanimously, turning the department into a family.
  1. Weaknesses:
  1. Most of the students belong to economically backward families. They are engaged in one or other financial activity apart from study.
  2. Lack of appropriate employment causes them to be disinterested in studies.

       C. Opportunities:

    1. As a lot of questions are framed from the subject in competitive exams there is enough scope of getting employment for serious students.
    1. Civil service aspirants (both state and All India Level) are sure to be benefited if they study the subject seriously.
    1. School and College teaching jobs are available to the students of Political Science
  1. Challenges:
  1. Lack of job opportunity may affect the prospect of future development of the subject
  2. As the subject is not taught in the school level (class 5-10) in the state students opt for subjects other than Political Science, having job opportunities for schools.
  3. For most of the students the course curriculum seems to be difficult to pursue.


Intake Capacity



Academic Session Course Intake Registered Students
2018-19 Bengali Honours 29 19
2019-20 Bengali Honours 29 12
2020-21 Bengali Honours 29 12
2021-22 Bengali Honours 29 18
2022-23 Bengali Honours 29 29