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Department of Mathematics

“If people do not believe that Mathematics is simple, it is only because they do not realize how complicated life is.” - John Von Neumann


About the Department

The Department of Mathematics, Nabagram Hiralal Paul College is one of the oldest departments. The department started its journey in 1957 in the general course and extension of affiliation to honours course from the academic session 2002-2003. The department offers courses at Undergraduate (UG) level. Presently, it offers a 3-year B.Sc. (Honours & General) program in Mathematics as well as 4-year B.Sc (Honours with research) program as per the course curriculum offered by University of Calcutta. The present intake capacity of the B.Sc (Honours) course is 31. The department has five faculty members with diversified expertise in Functional analysis, Dynamics, Topology, Quantum Information Theory, Optimization, Algebra, and Complex Analysis. Students qualifying B.Sc. from Mathematics Department are already well placed in different reputed organizations and some of them are pursuing further studies for achieving higher degrees. The Department of Mathematics of Nabagram Hiralal Paul College offers an excellent environment to study mathematics and its applications. It has a well-built computer laboratory with 25 computers. The lab is enriched with a high-speed internet facility, printer and scanner. Students learn C++, Latex, Sage Math and other high level program languages. We have plenty of books in the central library as well as in the departmental seminar library. 




The mission of the Department of Mathematics, Nabagram Hiralal Paul College is to provide high-quality instruction in mathematics to undergraduate students with the goal of preparing them for their career in mathematics, science, engineering, and related fields. We aim to foster a deep understanding of mathematical concepts and principles, develop problem-solving skills, and encourage critical thinking and creativity.



The Department of Mathematics, Nabagram Hiralal Paul College aims to provide an exceptional education to students through innovative teaching, research, and outreach activities. Our vision is to: Develop a teaching-learning process that equips students with critical thinking, problem- solving, and analytical skills necessary for success in today's world. Foster a learning environment that encourages creativity, collaboration, and a love for mathematics. Provide outreach activities that engage with the community and inspire young people to pursue education and career in mathematics. We believe that by achieving these goals, our Department of Mathematics will contribute to the advancement of knowledge, foster a culture of academic excellence, and produce graduates who are well-prepared for their career and ready to make valuable contribution to society.

Year of establishment:

Mathematics General 1983
Mathematics Honours 2006




  • Well qualified faculty members.
  • Well-equipped Mathematics Lab with high-speed internet.
  • Smart classroom facility.
  • Sufficient books in the library.
  • Active participation of each faculty in various college committees.


  • Since most of the students joining the college in different streams hail from lower income groups, students joining the Mathematics department for a degree in pure science have fallen over the years.
  • Students qualifying from the department are keen on joining jobs and here again they face stiff competition in the job market. This often acts as a deterrent to join the department.


  • Start program of Mathematics for competitive Exam.
  • With the progress of Data science, new horizons such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning etc., are predicted to open up in the near future.
  • Program to develop Mathematical software skills like Mathematica, Matlab, Python useful in teaching-learning and research.


  • To increase students’ strength in the department of Mathematics in view of the fact that a large section of students are moving out to join professional courses.
  • Create interest and motivation among the students to learn fundamental concepts of Mathematics with joy.




Mathematics Honours: 31