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 All the phenomena that take place around us, such as different colours appearing in the sky at different times, the earth revolving around the sun, rockets overcoming the earth’s gravity, the birth and death of stars, etc., can be explained by certain laws of nature. Physics is an effort by humans to find these laws and analyze their implications.

The Department of Physics of the college was established in 1983, while the Honours program was started in 2003. The department offers UG programs, namely B.Sc. (Honors) in Physics and B.Sc. (General). The honours course in physics not only provides an in-depth view of topics relating to physics but also integrates them with electronics and mathematics. The department has well-equipped laboratories to cater to the queries and expectations of the students, dedicated to different branches of physics like mechanics, heat, wave & optics, electrical & electronics, modern physics, and computer-based experiments. The course prepares students with a broad foundation in fundamental principles of Physics, Mathematics, and Electronics, and the ability to apply this knowledge to understand the design,  analysis, and implementation of real-life complex systems. Students build on their strong foundation by engaging in experiential learning related to classroom teaching.

Course Year of Establishment
B.Sc. (General) 1983
B.Sc. (Honours) 2003



The mission of the Department of Physics is to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and moral principles necessary for success in the dynamic field of physical science by creating a transformative learning environment. In addition to encouraging a strong sense of social responsibility, we are committed to cultivating a culture of critical thinking, research, and invention.


  • Our vision is to become a premier destination for physics education, known for turning forth graduates who are not just intelligent but also well-rounded people.
  • Our objective is to lead the way in cutting-edge research, in addition to educating our students for a global society and instilling in them a commitment to ethics, sustainability, and community development.
  • We also aim to make a substantial contribution to the scientific and social development of the local community and the surrounding area.


SWOC Analysis
  1. Strength:
    • The faculty members of the Department of Physics pursue a deep interest in teaching & research activities.
    • ICT-based Computer Lab with modern facilities.
    • Physics Lab with the latest equipment available.
  2. Weaknesses:

    • The majority of the students come from low-income families. Aside from studying, they are involved in various financial activities. To make ends meet, some of them work in catering services, food delivery services, photocopy centers, etc. And they tend to get unmotivated as a result of this.
    • The students become disinterested in studying due to a lack of suitable employment.
    • Students lack the financial means to afford laptops or computers for practicing Python practical, LaTeX and Arduino projects at home.
  3. Opportunities:
    • A large avenue of higher education and research-oriented work.
    • A wide spectrum of Govt. & Non-Govt. job available.
    • The course curriculum helps students emphasize start-up.
  4. Challenges:
    • The  technical  knowledge  should  be  enhanced  to  compete  with  the  global scenario.
    • Digitalization  of  the  equipment  suppressed  the  theoretical  interest  of  the subject.
    • To increase students’ strength in the department of Physics in view of the fact that a large section of students is moving out to join professional courses.
    • Students’ course fees are much higher in the science stream in comparison to those of Humanities & Commerce due to laboratory expenses.





Academic Year Programme Intake Registered Candidates
2018-19 Physics Honours 14 6
2019-20 Physics Honours 14 2
2020-21 Physics Honours 14 12
2021-22 Physics Honours 14 8
2022-23 Physics Honours 14 2