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Department of Bengali



The Department of Bengali is one of the oldest departments of Nabagram Hiralal Paul College.  At present there are six teachers in the department, four of them having Ph.D degree, three of them having M. Phil. degree. Honours, Elective and Compulsory Bengali courses are taught. In keeping with the NAAC Peer Team's recommendation, a Postgraduate course was introduced in the year 2017.The Post Graduate Department was granted academic autonomy in conducting examinations and being in charge of the examination process. From the session 2018-19 the PG course has been undertaken directly by the University of Calcutta. Eminent teachers and educationists from various fields regularly share their knowledge and skill with our students as guest faculty.

The history of the department reflects continuous academic progress through six decades, many renowned teachers have served the department, a few of them are associated with teaching in the University. The students of this department always take part in the extracurricular, co-curricular activities and cultural programmes of the college with enthusiasm. Seminars are held regularly in the department. Many research articles of the teachers are published in refereed journals.


Mission & Vision of the department



Being a language recognised by UNESCO its mission is to endow its learners with access to higher education that promotes capacity-building and holistic development through a quality teaching-learning process. To nurture honest and responsible citizens who shall preserve their rich cultural heritage of the country and be fully trained and equipped to meet the challenges of the future.


    • To instil moral values as embedded in Bengali language and literature.
    • To develop the ability to function with appropriate critical thinking in a world where new challenges are always being created.
    • To prepare students to cope with the demands from their career.

Year of establishment:

The  University  of  Calcutta  extended  its  affiliation  to  the  Honours  course  in  the Department of Bengali in the year of 1957.

Course Year of Establishment
General 1957
Honours 1966



SWOC Analysis



  1. Qualified and sincere Teaching Faculty and a very well knit relationship between Teachers and the Students of the Department.
  2. fficient books and references in the Central and Departmental library.
  3. Since 2017 there has been an ongoing regular PG course in Bengali affiliated by CU in our department where almost 20% of the examinees secure 1st class marks and the success rate is 100% in the University Examinations.
  4. The University Of Calcutta has chosen our Department as Zonal centre for several papers in University Examinations. A number of faculties function as Paper Setter, Examiner, Scrutineer in the University Examination (both UG & PG)


  1. Many of the students of our department are learners coming from poor and very poor economic family backgrounds which is why optimum level of devotion to studies can hardly be expected from them.
  2. Lack of sufficient wide classrooms. Since the Bengali Department with its PG section is a large department of our college, at least for Honours and PG classes semester-wise classrooms are required which are not available.


  1. To arrange special classes for slow learners.To arrange for providing the advanced learners with the personal copies of books and journals of the teachers.
  2. To encourage and guide the students to go for their creative writing going beyond their regular examination oriented curricular studies by publishing wall magazines.
  3. To arrange for providing learning in a conducive environment for students by conducting educational tours, arranging seminars etc so as to give opportunities to bring up students of sound mental make-ups, if not scholars.
  4. Since the department has a PG section there is a great opportunity for the students of our department who get 60% and above marks in UG level to pursue their higher studies.
  5. Some  financial assistance from college and department is envisaged for backward students.


The total intake capacity of the department is 83. The enrollment is not steady all along every year because:

  1. Most of the students who come to study are from lower middle class families.
  2. due to major economic problems most of the students have turned to work while studying.
  3. another reason for the increase in the number of dropouts is the 2 year COVID pandemic period.
  4. Facing all these problems and increasing the number of students in the department is a challenge for us.


Intake Capacity



Academic Session Course Intake Registered Students
2018-19 Bengali Honours 83 69
2019-20 Bengali Honours 83 60
2020-21 Bengali Honours 83 49
2021-22 Bengali Honours 83 45
2022-23 Bengali Honours 83 51